About our Store

More and more people are becoming aware of the health therapeutic benefits of CBD and dietary supplements. Unfortunately, with thousands of products out there in the marketplace, they may have a difficult time choosing what really works.

What if you had a resource that had already done the research, tested the efficacy, had identified “the best” supplement and wellness products the market had to offer, and the entire list was quickly and easily accessible to you?

We are pretty sure that you have seen 100’s, if not 1000’s, of different supplement and wellness products come across your path over the years; all boasting that they are the latest, greatest cure-all. I also know the time and energy spent searching for the “best of the best” can be very time consuming. If wellness and healing are among your top priorities, and if time equals money, you don’t have time to waste on product research.

Real Foods Delivered is that resource! We are part of a national buying collective of Health Merchants®. Working together with our partner, Green PolkaDot Box, we have done all of the leg work with you in mind. Green PolkaDot Box has put thousands of supplement and wellness products to the test over the past 11 years. But only a few "Products that Work" have, by far, yielded the best results and are of the highest quality. So we've created this store to specifically showcase them, and now they’re all at your fingertips!

If you're pleased with what you find,just start shopping. There is no membership fee. You have access to our fantastic prices and service all year long.